Tour Dates

More tour dates are in the works — please contact us if you’d like Cannonball Coming to play your private event or venue!  Check us out on facebook here:  Or email us at ContactCannonballComing at gmail dot com.

February 22, 2014 @ HILL COUNTRY, WASHINGTON, DC

With Utris and Andrew Deerin. Doors at 9pm; C’ball starts at 11:30.


The Great Reunion.  10pm.


Sam Holtzman’s graduation party. 8pm. This date is TENTATIVE.

May 13, 2006 @ WHITEHEAD FARM

With DJ WILLIAMS HEADLINING! This date is TENTATIVE. 3pm showtime.

April 1, 2006 @ BIRDS**T SALOON!

9pm is showtime. The Saloon is located in the beautiful hills of Sedalia Virginia. UPDATE: excerpts from this show will be posted online in the next few weeks. STAY TUNED!

Mar 5, 2005 @ ORBIT

Two full sets of Cannonball.  Bring your friends.  Showtime: 10pm

Feb 2, 2005 @ STARR HILL

Opening for Blue Merle. Doors at 8pm.

Nov 10, 2004 @ OUTBACK LODGE

With Man Mtn Jr. NO covah.  10pm


Yet another Cannonball Rager for the Paulie Whitehead Crew!  Thanks for a great time fellas! See some photos here.

Oct 29, 2004 @ WEST MAIN

Cannonball Coming will be playing this Friday gig as part of a weekend-long West Main Halloween Celebration.  Come on out and git some…

Oct 27, 2004 @ OUTBACK LODGE

Come join Cannonball Coming with our good friends Man Mountain Jr for a night of Cville’s best rock!

Oct 19, 2004 @ Ballin’ in Fredericksburg!

C’ball will do 2 sets at The Loft in Fredericksburg.  Be sure to tell all your buddies at Mary Washington! Contact the band for details if you’d like to come up for the show.

Oct 3, 2004 @ JOHN KERRY RALLY!

Topping off this busy weekend, Cannonball will be playing a set at a John Kerry Rally in the UVa ampitheater.  The event is from 11am to 2pm, and the band will be joined by the Beetnix.  We know its early for a Sunday, but its for a good cause.  So catch a Bloody Mary on the corner for breakfast and come on down.

Oct 2, 2004 @ ORBIT!

Following the PiGroove, Cannonball will be playing 2 full sets at Orbit Billiards.  We should be good and warmed up by this point.

Oct 2, 2004 @ Benefit for AEPi

The band will be joining a host of Charlottesville’s favorite live acts, including Fighting Gravity and the Hackensaw Boys for this benefit show.  Tickets are already on sale.  For more information, email

Sept 3, 2004 @ Orbit Billiards

Cannonball played for almost 250 people at Orbit Billiards!

Sept 1, 2004 @ Ballin’ with Bernie Worrel at Starr Hill!

Catch Cannonball Coming for an early set and stick around for funk and rock LEGEND Bernie Worrel and his band!  The ‘ball begins at 9!

July 24, 2004 @ LiveArts Mainstage!

The band performed 2 sets at the brand new LiveArts theater on Water Street Downtown.  This is a great venue with fantastic potential and Cannonball hopes to get in there again soon.

July 13, 2004 @ Orbit Billiards

Cannonball Coming added three new original songs to the repertoire for this midsummer gig, which included first ever performances of ‘I Talk Like You,’ ‘Godfrey’ and ‘Ozymandias.’

May 7, 2004 @ Cannonball at Haymaker! 

Be sure to look for Cannonball Coming at Fredericksburg’s Haymaker Festival (  Cannonball’s set will be Friday afternoon at 3.30pm.

April 3, 2004 @ Outback Lodge with RAQ

Cannonball is opening for RAQ, a Burlington, VT based Jamband at the Outback lodge on Saturday, April 3.  C’ball’s set will begin at 9.30pm.  Come out and support a this nationally touring band and get some Cannonball at no extra charge.

April 2, 2004 @ Cannonball to Headline Chili Cookoff 

Cannonball Coming will be playing the Headlining set at Pi Kappa Phi’s Spring Chili Cookoff.  This is always a monster party and a great time.  Come eat some chili and get warmed up for Cannonball’s gig at Michael’s Bistro later that night.  Cannonball’s Chili Cookoff set starts at 5pm and the Bistro show should begin around 10.30pm.

March, 2004 @ Ransler moves on, blows knee again 

Long time Cannonball Drummer, Friend and Harassment Coordinator Chip Ransler has ended his nearly four year stint with the band. He later blew out his knee again.  New Drummer James Mclaughlin formally began his tenure with Cannonball on March 17 at South Street.

January, 2004 @ THE EP IS READY!! 

Contact the band to receive a free copy of Cannonball’s brand new EP, featuring studio recordings of Sunday Paper, Ain’t no Makin’ It, and Rolo.

January, 2004 @ Cannonball will play every Friday in January at the Shebeen! 

The Shebeen is the hip new South African pub of Charlottesville. It is located at 247 Ridge-McIntire Rd. in the space that once was the Vinegar Hill Grill. Cannonball Coming will perform each Friday in January beginning Jan. 9. There will be no charge for entry!

June 2, 2003 @ Cannonball Coming in the studio to cut EP

Cannonball Coming entered the studio in June, 2003 to cut their first professional recording. Three songs (Rolo, Ain’t No Making It, and Sunday Paper) are currently on the EP and a full studio record will follow.

March 9, 2003 @ Damn it. Chip Ransler blows out his knee.

The weakest link gets weaker. Chip Ransler, Cannonball Coming’s drummer, blew out his right knee skiing in Lake Tahoe, California and is feared, now totally, useless. Surgery is scheduled for July 16th, 2003 and recovery should take years. He looks forward to the popsicles at the hospital. Remember, cherry is his favorite flavor.

June 17, 2003 @ Cannonball Coming to open for Rolling Stones on half of their Summer, 2037 tour.

Cannonball Coming will open for the perennial touring act, The Rolling Stones, for their “Both Feet in the Grave” tour in 2037. Sources for the Rolling Stones couldn’t verify the dates, but there was some buzz from Keith Richards. “I was hammered after our Vegas, 2002 show and this little bloke comes up and starts yammering my ear off. I tell him, sure, you can open for us – in 2037. It was kind of a ‘if you’re not married, and I’m not married in 50 years, let’s get married.’ You know that drill, right? Both of you are so numb that you don’t care if you are sleeping with a goat.” Cannonball Coming will have T-Shirts and hats available in August 2003.

October 23, 2002 @ Deke Shipp to join Cannonball Coming.

Deke Shipp, a local hero and deity, joins Cannonball Coming as they prepare for their Spring 2003 comeback tour. Deke brings solid chops, a flair for originality and personality, and touring experience to the group. Deke is a former member of a platinum-selling band Utris, and brings an air of professionalism to an otherwise rudderless ship.

May 23, 2002 @ Ben Helman to pursue career in veterinary medicine.

Ben Helman, Cannonball Coming’s bassist since 2001 and a founding member, has left the band to pursue a career in taking care of little cute furry things. Directly after his announcement, Ben’s sex appeal fell slightly, then rose dramatically. We wish him well – especially as he is having a rough time of it at school down in Mexico. God speed.

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