The Band

Cannonball Coming, a four piece experimental rock and dance band from Charlottesville, Virginia, has been developing what the C-Ville Weekly described as its “primal yet intellectual” sound for almost fifteen years. A confluence of rock, electronica, bluegrass, funk, and reggae, their intelligent harmonic and rhythmic ideas please growing crowds every night they play. Combine all this with high-energy performances and a penchant for improvisation and you get a band that is unique and terribly fun to listen to.  

Blessed with a loyal following of friends and family emerging from undergraduate studies at UVA, Cannonball Coming continued to grow a local and regional fan base, performing at venues ranging from Michael’s Bistro to Starr Hill, and from the Birdshit Saloon to the Haymaker Festival. After a six year hiatus to pursue more “adult” endeavors, the band is silently and patiently plotting their return to the limelight…

Check us out on facebook here:  Or email us at ContactCannonballComing at gmail dot com.

chipWhen not battling yellow fever, a devastating knee injury, or swarms of honey-bees, Chip Ransler is a decent drummer. He reads a lot and likes to tell people about what he’s reading to look intelligent. It’s annoying. Seriously annoying. This guy sucks.




holmesbeardsinging copyNot known for his manners or wit, Bryan Holmes is a classically trained pianist and guitarist. He’s forgotten most of that, but he still plays. He sings like a bird circa 1986.




Ryan Chiachiere

A champion flat-picker when the competition isn’t stiff, Ryan Chiachiere has always loved music and the crab cakes at inland seafood restaurants. Dubbed the “Chief” in spite of his cowboy boots, Ryan has infrequent, yet vivid, flashbacks of eating raw buffalo. His shoe-size is 14.  You can find his personal website at:



Deke ShippTwo words describe Cannonball bassist/synthesist Deke Shipp: hair. It’s fabulous. His locks have mesmerized strong women into hurling themselves off cliffs. While not wooing ladies or fertilizing his mane, well… he doesn’t do much.

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